Recommended Concentration of Fluoride in Drinking Water Lowered

- Michael Dougherty, DDS

The optimal concentration of fluoride in drinking water is the concentration that provides the best balance of protection from dental caries while limiting the risk of dental fluorosis.  The decision to fluoridate water systems is made by state and local governments. The new 2015 U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Recommendation for Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water1 for the Prevention of Dental Caries is based on considerations that include:

  • Scientific evidence related to the effectiveness of water fluoridation in caries prevention

and control across all age groups,

  • Fluoride in drinking water as one of several available fluoride sources.
  • Trends in the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis, and
  • Current evidence on fluid intake of children across various outdoor air temperatures.

The original guideline established in 1962 was 1 mg/ liter or 1part per million. The PHS beginning in 2015 recommends an optimal fluoride concentration of 0.7 mg/liter. There are some organizations that would like not to add fluoride to the public water supply. Guess what? Aurora already has not been adding fluoride because of any health concerns or political lobby but because Aurora water already has natural fluoride at the previous concentration naturally from the Rocky Mountain’s reservoirs and streams. In 2014 the level of Fluorides in Aurora water was 1mg/liter2. The Metropolitan Denver Dental Society that represents area dentists will be watching to see if the 2015 water report will show the appropriate reduction through filtration to 0.7 mg/liter. Aurora water is some of the best H2O around. Remember that most bottled water does not contain fluoride or other minerals associated with healthy enamel.



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